First the Knights Templar and now the Catholic Church have guarded this sacred relic. Despite carbon dating, the source of the image and the age of this precious artifact are still a mystery. All the facts regarding the Knights and the history of the Shroud are facts - only the plot is factious. In this historic fiction the Shroud is stolen and an adventure ensues. You will also discover the Shroud of Malta - previously unknown and now restored to its rightful display (Fully illustrated.)

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Dr Peter J. Shield PhD, Author, Adventurer and Archaeologist, has been described as one of the world's most fascinating men. He has been a television and radio host, a former resident of Australia, the United Kingdom and 20 plus other countries. He has lived and worked in 225 cities around the world! He is a distinguished lecturer for the Smithsonian Institutes Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas Nevada USA. 
He has resided in the United States and Malta (Gozo) over the last 25 years.
As an archaeologist Peter worked on excavations on the island of Malta in the late 50's, the setting he chose for his first novel,"The Maltese Shroud"; a historic fiction surrounding the sacred Shroud of Turin.
In his senior years, Dr. Shield counts photography, golf, and the world wide web as his leisure  pastime.
Peter returns with his Maltese wife Rose, to his adopted home in Gozo in October 2018.