World of Unexplained Mysteries TV Series:

“The Jury’s Out”

Reality series set in a court room. The accused is an ‘unexplained mystery’ e.g. The Shroud of Turin, Stonehenge etc.

For example in the case of the 'Shroud' the Defense will try to prove the authenticity of the Sacred Cloth whilst the prosecution will try to prove it to be a fake.

We could involve a University Law Department to carry out the trials under the supervision of a guest celebrity judge.

The jury will be genuine members of the public invited to take part and will be screened in the normal procedure by the defense and prosecution just as if the trial was real.

The decision of the jury will not be revealed until  the viewing audience have a chance to vote on line or via social media.

Suspects will include:

Shroud of Turin

The Holy Grail

The Bermuda Triangle

Roswell UFO

Flying Saucers (UFO’s)

The Yeti (Big Foot)


Noah’s Arc

The Curse of the Pharaoh etc.

The program would be based on

Dr. Peter J. Shield’s World of Unexplained Mysteries (

Copyright Dr. Peter J. Shield!