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"Count the Ca$h" live action Game Show.

Dr Shield was approached by the Australian Gaming industry to find a promotion that would attract daytime visitors to the Clubs and Casinos of Australia. The result was "Casino Club Ca$h" - and a 13% increase in their video slot machine win! The promotion is now available in a modified version for the Cruise Industry guaranteed to increase 'on board' spending by 10-15% - Dr Shield Direct - (+356) 79201621 - email

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Flour Mills, Xlendi, Gozo, Malta (Click picture opposite)

I approached the Munxar council to inquire why this historic and recently renovated World War 11 site was seldom open to the public. I was advised that the cost of operation compared to the number of visitors had forced the council to open only to booked groups and school parties. I proposed the commercial project shown here to increase traffic and revenue without distracting from the historic nature of the location. My suggestion was declined.

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Gozo Heritage

In searching for a suitable location for a proposed Video/3D Photography School for Archaeologists, I came across this amazing project that has been closed for over 10 years! I believe it has amazing potential if developed as I suggest.

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Chief Properties

The Shire Hall project by Bedford, Beds.U.K developer Tristan Haynes' Chief Properties is to be developed as an apartment complex. Interested purchasers or investors are requested to contact Tristan directly. ( Tel: +44 7453 051 588)

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The Gozo Guide

The Gozo Guide ( is a fully developed web site magazine aimed at visitors to Malta's Magical Island of Gozo. What to see, where to go and videos of prime locations. This web package is for sale - contact Dr. Shield directly! ( Tel: +356 79201621)


Heritage Malta

I have for many years worked with Heritage Malta to promote the amazing Archaeological sites that abound on the Maltese Islands.

Many such projects are featured on my Malta Heritage web site! In the 50's as part of Cambridge Universities archaeological team and as Associated Press's Photo Journalist, my pictures of unrest etc were featured on the front pages of every major newspaper in the world. I have recently provided these negatives to Heritage Malta for preservation.

Studio Royal International Glassblowing

Studio Royal International Glass Blowing Academy is the home of my son Master Craftsman Glass Blower Robert S. Shield. Through the facilities of Le Francis studios in North Las Vegas, Robert teaches students from around the world including live classes on US Military bases, such as Nellis Air force Base in Las Vegas NV.! Contact Robert directly for details or to book a demonstration or a class.

U.S. (Tel: (702) 465 5114 - (Click here)


"G'gantija Exclusive" Gift Shop Web Site -

Privately owned Gift shop at the exit of the G'gantija Ancient Temple site - Offers a great variety of gifts and historic replicas at very competitive prices. Dr. Shield created this web site (as well as all others on this web site)

Replica artifacts, Beautiful Gifts -Great Candy and even a FREE bottle of refreshing water are all an important part of a visit to any of Malta and Gozo's amazing archaeological sites! Located at the exit of G'Gantija, this is our favorite! (Exit the official gift shop at the site and turn left!)

"G'GANTIJA EXCLUSIVES" - Located immediately outside the exit in front of the Bus Parking area. Simply mention the Gozo Guide to receive your complimentary bottle of Water! 

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World of Unexplained Mysteries TV Series:

“The Jury’s Out”

Reality series set in a court room. The accused is an ‘unexplained mystery’ e.g. The Shroud of Turin, Stonehenge etc.

For example in the case of the 'Shroud' the Defense will try to prove the authenticity of the Sacred Cloth whilst the prosecution will try to prove it to be a fake.

We could involve a University Law Department to carry out the trials under the supervision of a guest celebrity judge.

The jury will be genuine members of the public invited to take part and will be screened in the normal procedure by the defense and prosecution just as if the trial was real.

The decision of the jury will not be revealed until  the viewing audience have a chance to vote on line or via social media.

Suspects will include:

Shroud of Turin

The Holy Grail

The Bermuda Triangle

Roswell UFO

Flying Saucers (UFO’s)

The Yeti (Big Foot)


Noah’s Arc

The Curse of the Pharaoh etc.

The program would be based on

Dr. Peter J. Shield’s World of Unexplained Mysteries (

Copyright Dr. Peter J. Shield!

AirBnB - Xlendi Bay, Gozo

Furomu Court 1.jpg

Outstanding Vacation location Beach front at Gozo's most popular destination.(click picture for more)

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