Archaeological sites:

G'gantija Temple complex

The Knight's Wash House - on the road to Xlendi Bay.

The Citadel- Victoria Gozo.


Historic "Doors" of Gozo& Malta

Ninu's Cave  and Xerri's  Grotto- Xaghra. (near G'gantija Temples)

Xerri's Grotto (pronounced sherry) is an underground cave in the village of Xagħra, Gozo, Malta. It was discovered by local resident Anthony Xerri in 1923 or 192 while digging a well under a private house. Xerri's Grotto is not far from another underground feature, Ninu's Cave.

The grotto is larger than Ninu's Cave. It contains various calcified formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, some of which resemble a tortoise, a vulture, giraffes or elephant's ears. Some other formations which developed as a result of the calcification of tree roots can also be seen.

The entrance to the cave is down a 10m spiral staircase, built into the original well shaft. The cave was extended during World War II when the family used it as an air raid shelter.

Today, the cave is illuminated by electric lights, and is open to the public with tours being given by the owners of the house.

Heritage Trail at Santa Lucija

This is Malta's"The Cave of Darkness!!" Travel back 125,000 Years!

St. George Basilica Museum - Victoria.

Xlendi Tower

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