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Malta's Outdoor Markets - COURTESY AIR MALTA! -

Written by Sabine on 11 September 2015

Thinking of grabbing a bargain whilst in Malta? Look no further than the archipelago’s outdoor markets where you can take in the colourful atmosphere, the delicious smells and experience some of the islands’  Mediterranean culture. 


Malta’s outdoor markets are peppered all over the archipelago and offer a vast selection of products as well as scrumptious local food. Loved by both locals and tourists, many view the market as a place to socialie as well as a place where they can bargain-hunt for a couple of hours. Markets are typically held once or twice a week in most localities, during the early morning to mid-day. Although the larger and well known markets in Valletta and Marsaxlokk get quite busy on Sundays, the ones found in the heart of the villages across the island offer a more relaxed environment where you can find some great deals on clothes, shoes, household items, toys, souvenirs, groceries, fresh produce, traditional products and much more. Find out about some of the well known and not so well known markets and stalls below.


‘Il-Monti’ Valletta


By far the most popular market in Malta, ‘Il- Monti’, in Valletta is held on Sundays and is the largest market on the island. Here you will find a variety of items to browse through. Look out for local souvenirs, typical Maltese snacks, such as ‘imqaret’ and ‘pastizzi’ as well as various bottled products whilst you’re there soaking up the sun. On the other hand, if you’re not in Malta on Sunday, you can always go to the capital’s daily market in Merchant’s street where you can also grab a great deal!


Marsaxlokk Fish Market


The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, some tasty fish. On Sundays, definitely visit the Marsaxlokk Fish Market located along the coast of the seaside village. Whilst there you can fully immerse yourself in the village’s culture. This local market offers a wide variety of fresh fish, thick crusted Maltese bread as well as tasty traditional treats. Although the market was originally dedicated to fish and other traditional food, you will be able to find relatively anything here.



Rabat Market


Whilst out and about enjoying Rabat and Mdina’s beautiful and historic sites, you can also experience the town’s market located in the centre next to St.Paul’s Church. Over the years Rabat has still retained its traditions and character. Its market offers a fantastic selection of clothes, household products and food. Rabat is particularly famous for pastizzi, fresh bread and Maltese biscuits.


Vittoriosa Market


Vittoriosa Market, is definitely not your average Market in Malta. It’s normally held on a Tuesday and gives tourists an opportunity to mingle with the locals. Definitely worth checking out  if you’re out for a stroll in the 3 cities.


Ta’ Qali Farmers Market


Ta’ Qali’s Farmers Market opens every Tuesday afternoon and on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. This open air market is solely dedicated to locally farmed products in Malta. These include bigilla, Maltese honey, fresh bread, fruit and vegetables.



It-Tokk Gozo


What about Gozo? Surrounded by cafes and restaurants, Victoria’s market in the main square is quaint and full of character. It’s held everyday in the morning until early afternoon so you can visit at any point during the week. Here you will be able to find a selection of items and a few stands with antiques.


Other large markets worth mentioning are the following:


Birkirkara Market (Wednesdays)


Qormi Market (Saturdays)


Malta’s markets reflect a valuable part of the island’s culture. Don’t miss out on a fantastic excursion and shopping trip whilst here. Discover more of the Mediterranean atmosphere and Malta’s  friendly people by giving the outdoor markets a visit whilst on your stay! Have you booked your flights to Malta yet? Take advantage of our fantastic rates now!

Gozo's capitol Victoria - at the top of the high street opposite the Citadel.

Nadur Market - or as the Maltese refer to them "Monti" - Every Wednesday morning - be early for the best deals!

Annual Gozo Ceramics Festival

Gozo Craft Village (at Ta'Ddiegi)