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Last Year! 2020

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Xlendi Bay Flour Mill


Welcome to Xlendi Flour Mill. Captured here, entirely underground is the complete milling process - from grain to flour, installed over half a century ago. There are no wind or watermills here, nothing so picturesque - yet the process you are about to witness is mechanical.Deep inside the rock are grain silos and all the machinery which sorts, washes, grades, grinds and sifts the finished flour. The journey made in this process occupies two floors; the first contains the milling machines and power plant and the second, upper floor, both the initial grain preparation process and the sifters.

The restoration process began in 2001 when devolution placed care of the mill in the hands of Il-Munxar local council. An early priority was its restoration in order to open it to the public. The footage shows the condition of the mill and machinery after 20 years of neglect and the stages of the work necessary to bring the mill back to its former glory in order to open it to the public. Restoration of this scale needed not just time and energy but money .

Financed in the beginning from the Local Council budget, at each stage more funds were tapped from the MEPA Environment Initiatives Partnership Programme and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for 2007 -2013, for full restoration to be achieved. To view call the Imunxar Local Council - (356) 21558755 or visit their web site at

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